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InSight explores the theory and practice of film, video and screen media. As well as providing short courses and intensive workshops, InSight organises exciting events, seminars and masterclasses with internationally renowned filmmakers, artists and theorists. InSight aims to offer an alternative to commercially led film, video and screen media courses by combining theory and practice in short courses aimed at both new entrants and industry professionals, covering new approaches and established techniques.

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inSight Education

InSight is an open and dynamic organisation bridging academia and the industry emphasising a plurality of interdisciplinary perspectives so that participants in courses and events can foster an experimental and boundary-pushing attitude, engaging in a vibrant and stimulating dialogue to develop their potential and the potential of visual culture. InSight facilitates this dialoguethrough courses and events exploring international visual media and emerging technologies, tracking broader trends in culture and society and their relationship with visual culture.

InSight's partners and patrons are carefully selected companies, organisations and individuals that share in the aims of the InSight initiative. They provide vital support to InSight by ensuring that the organisation remains at the leading edge of education and debates in film, video and screen media. Through its programme InSight aims to acknowledge the opportunities provided by new technologies and the challenges presented by the world that we live in today, to raise levels of expertise and awareness and encourage achievement in the visual arts.